Environmental Connection: A New-Native Initiative


Environmental Connection: A New-Native Initiative


by Keith M. Cowley (© 2013 Wild Animal Publishing)

ISBN: 978-0-9769555-5-9

This work is a look back on a year immersion into Nature, in partnership with the Westerly Land Trust. For 6-8 hours each and every day, Cowley inserted himself mindfully in one of 6 land trust properties attempting fine-tune his language on how he maintains a connection with his environment. Selections from his journals showcase unique experiences and humbling encounters with local wildlife in their element. He challenges us to take responsibility for the maintenance of these environments through awareness and action, an initiative he outlines called New-Native Foundation.

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In Praise of a New Generation of Environmental Connection (11/16/13 - Shannon Algiere)

"This is an easy and thought provoking read that marries genres in a way that speaks of a new generation of deep spiritual ecology; sort of the writings of John Muir and Leopold meet Awaken Healing Light of the Tao. Cowley stimulates the readers sense of awareness in a philosophical spirit, then invites us on an anecdotal adventure through a naturalists' year long immersion into nature. I will sing the praises of this book as it takes place-based connection to a new level, facilitating those qualities for the accessibility of the reader. Within a global scope of environmental degradation and the fear that this may provoke; this book is a guidebook of grounding into the celebration of nature through presence."

Connected with Environmental Connection (11/17/13 - Greg Chokas)

"I highly recommend Environmental Connection. Keith’s thought provoking book includes fascinating stories of his deep immersion into Westerly, RI Land Trust preserves. His words resonate in and outside of the natural environment enriching daily life. Funds from his book benefit the New-Native Foundation bringing outdoor educators together dispersing their knowledge to children and adults."